General practitioners (GPs)

GPs have an important role in the public health system and in rural Australia. Rural communities value their GPs very highly and provide a warm welcome.

Rural GPs in Australia may have to provide specialist services, such as obstetrics care, anaesthesia services, minor surgery and even trauma management, because of the shortage of medical practitioners in those regions.

These varied roles and responsibilities provide a high level of job satisfaction.

Incentives for GPs

Medicare incentives

Medicare, Australia’s universal public health system, runs incentive programs for GPs. These schemes help doctors maintain a high standard of healthcare for their patients, while providing for the financial considerations of the doctor’s business.

Practice Incentives Program (PIP)

Rural Health Workforce Strategy

The Australian Government's Rural Health Workforce Strategy (RHWS) is not only about getting doctors to work in regional and remote Australia - it's also about providing incentives so that doctors working in these areas will receive ongoing support.

RHWS incentive programs